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While development booms in Lacombe County, residents are being asked to weigh in on the kind of economy they want to build. The County kicked off an economic development strategic planning process earlier in the year, starting with a resident survey to gather insight into the goals and aspirations of the community.  

“We knew coming into the strategic planning process that preserving both the agricultural land and rural way of life would be priorities,” said Monica Bartman, Economic Development Officer for Lacombe County.  She continues, “Early results from the resident survey confirm those values, but also highlight the desire for vibrant business development within the footprint of existing communities across the County”.

Residents have been having their say on priorities and sharing ideas on the art of the possible by completing the resident survey online.  Given the large geography and diverse perspectives of County residents, it is important residents speak up and help shape the future.  

Meanwhile, the County is launching a business survey to get its fingers on the pulse of the challenges and opportunities facing the business community.  “Local businesses are the lifeblood of the County’s economy, and we are eager to hear how we can support their prosperity and success”, concluded Bartman. 

Residents and business leaders are encouraged to visit and fill out the short surveys that will have a big impact on the County’s future.

For more information on how to contribute to the County’s economic development strategy, contact Monica Bartman at (403) 782-8389, or fill out the contact form below.

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